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    Address:No.1 Baisha Road, Yanfeng District,Hengyang City, Hunan Province, China

Transformer Oil Tank







The tank workshop specializes in the production of transformer tanks, covering a production area of more than 8800 m2 with a staff of over 140, and has obtained ISO3834-2 welding enterprise quality system certification and EN15085 rolling stock and component welding qualification certification. It is capable of producing transformer tanks, DC transformer and special transformer oil drums of 500KV, 220kV, 110KV and below. The workshop is equipped with blanking and profiling equipment such as the robot welding line, CNC plasma, CNC flame cutter, CNC plate shearer, 800T bending machine, CNC machining equipment such as lathing machine, milling machine and drilling machine, specialized welding equipment such as gas shielded welding equipment, transposition welding equipment, submerged arc welding machine, magnetic track welding, arc rotating welding with welding automation rate over 95%. In addition, the workshop has the shot blasting and paint spraying integrated automatic line, sand blasting robot and paint spraying and drying rooms, capable to carrying out derusting and paint spraying on product surfaces in a comprehensive and quick manner. 





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